Aegean Treasures Tour

4 Days – 3 Nights | By Plane + Bus

Aegean Treasures Tour

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour


Guests will be collected from their hotel in Istanbul and travel to Ecebat via bus. Upon arrival in Ecebat, guests will have lunch before heading off on the tour of Troy. On the tour, guests will visit the many attractions including the famous Trojan Horse, sacrificial altars, houses of Troy which date back to 2500-1300BC, the Bouleuterion (senate building), the Odeon (concert hall) and other remains of various cities, from Troy I to Troy IX. Guests also have the opportunity to explore the 3700 year old city walls. At the end of the tour guests are transferred to their hotel in Ecebat.


Guests are collected from their hotel after breakfast. On the tour, guests will get to marvel at the great panorama view from the hill-top as well as visit many attractions including the Aesculapium, Pergamon Acropolis, Athena and Trojan temples, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Dionysos, Gymnasium of Youth, .Great Theatre and Roman Bath. At the end of the tour guests journey to Kusadasi/Selcuk and are dropped at their hotel for the night.


Guests are collected from their hotel after breakfast to take the 3-4 hour journey to Pamukkale. You can see phenomenal site well before you arrive in the village below. The water from these springs have a high mineral content (chalk, limestone and travertine) that cascading down the mountain, giving rise to the complexion of the mountains; resembling a frozen waterfall. The water contains a large amount of hydrogen carbonate and calcium, which results in the precipitation of calcium bi-carbonate. The combination of these elements attribute to the surreal landscape at Pamukkale as well as its place on the World Heritage list. Long before this listing, the Romans recognised the appeal of the area, building the spa city Hierapolis. At the completion of this tour, guests return to Kusadasi/Selcuk and are dropped at the hotel.


Guests are collected from their hotel after breakfast. You will enter the ancient site at the Magnesia Gate and begin a slow walk downhill, being guided through the ruins if the Roman povincial capital. The tour makes its way past the amazing features of Ephesus including the Odem, the Celsius Library, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theatre. The theatre, which had seating for 25,000, is the site where St. Paul preached to the inhabitnts of the city. The tour also includes the house of the Virgin Mary, a small house in the Solmissos Mountains recognised by the Vatican as her final resting place. Another attraction is the Temple of Artemis, known as one the Seven Wonders of the Acient World. Today the foundations of this marvellous structure from the Hellenistic Age remain.

At the end of the tour guests are transferred to the Izmir aiport and travel to Istanbul. Guests are met upon arrival in Istanbul and transferred to their hotel.

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

Available Days: Everyday.

Available From: Any point in Istanbul.

Price Includes: Flight Tickets, Bus Tickets, Transport, Insurance, 3 Night Accommodation, 4 Full Day Tour, Guided Service, 4x Lunch, Entry Fees.

Price Excludes: Personal Expenses, Drinks.

Duration: 4 Full Days

Pick up time: Old City 06:30 | Taksim Area 06:15

Drop off time: Approximately 23:00

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

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Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

Istanbul Daily Tours – Aegean Treasures Tour

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